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The Missing MyBlogLog Tools, created by, give you a new way to harness the power of MyBlogLog. These tools let you compare and find contacts and communities in a new and powerful way. Our tools go beyond the basic searching and browsing available at MyBlogLog by relying on the networks created between MyBlogLog users and Blog communities.

These tools will help you to find contacts to add and communities to join, plus compare visitors and community members of your blog with other blogs. The following tools are available for your enjoyment:

Compare Blog Visitors
Ever wondered what other blogs your visitors are reading? With this tool you can compare your visitors with another blog’s visitors. Up to 130 of the last visitors are compared from each blog, and MyBlogLog members in common are displayed. Go »

Compare Your Contacts
See what other contacts your friends, industry leaders, and fellow blog readers have that you share and that you don’t have added yet. Just plug in your screen name and someone else’s. Go »

Compare Community Members
With this tool you can compare your MyBlogLog Community members with another community, and view members common between both blogs as well as members unique to each blog. Go »

Common Communities between Contacts
If you need help finding communities, see what communities your contacts share! This tool lets you choose up to 20 contacts to compare common communities, and gives you a link to quickly join the communities! Go »

Show All Visitors
Most blogs just show 5-10 MyBlogLog visitors, so usually that’s all we look at. This tool lets you see the last 130 visitors to all of your communities, all at once! Go »

Add Missing Contacts
Even with 20 or 30 community members, it is hard to keep track of who you have added as a contact. This tool lets you quickly see who in your community have not been added as a contact yet. A link to add them quickly is included! Go »

We hope you enjoy The Missing MyBlogLog Tools and that you can find some interesting comparisons, new contacts to add, and new communities to join.

If Yahoo/MyBlogLog is reading this, these tools would be great to implement as a part MyBlogLog. All we ask is for 1% of your acquisition price or a free trip to Yahoo headquarters. 🙂

If you have suggestions for other “missing tools” for MyBlogLog, please leave a comment or send us an email. We also have a poll to vote for your favorite Missing MyBlogLog Tool. Enjoy!


  • Scott Rafer says:

    Wow, this is great. I’ll blog it on our side when I get a minute. We’re unlikely to pull them onto our site itself, so the Sunnyvale trip will have to wait. 🙂

    I do have one immediate concern. As is well-known by this point, we’re working hard to lessen the spam issues that our users are contending with. Do you mind (and ASAP) making “Add Missing Contacts” less scriptable in addition to the changes we’ll be making? Particularly due to the time it takes for you to crawl our site, etc., it would be easy to put a quick captcha page between the request and the results.

    I feel like a hypocrite for asking as none of our spam changes are visible yet (though some of the invisible ones are beginning to work), but I’d appreciate the assistance if you can.

  • Hawaii SEO says:

    Thanks!… BTW – That was quick. I’m surprised to see tools show up this quickly.

  • When visiting a blog/site that has the MBL member widget… would it be possible to implement a feature that allows you to determine if you are already a contact of that site creator/author?
    Something that differentiates your image from the others. Indicating whether or not you are a contact or have joined their community.

    Could this also work with the other images that are there? (shows how many of the visitors are contacts of that author and /or your contact as well)

    This could be as simple as a check mark that appears when I hover over the image. Similar to the red X that I see.

    I don’t know if this is feasible or not. I would assume that it is.(anything is possible online)

  • MorganLighter says:

    Cool! Thanks for the tips. I wondered how in the heck I was going to keep tabs on everyone – you’ve answered my own question. Later.

  • andrew wee says:

    Great set of tools, Michael.

    I think if you added maybe more analytics to it, it could easily be converted into a paid service.

  • jewellery says:

    I like it when a company can admit that it has made a mistake. By putting the “lost tools” out there, it makes it look like the company is continuing to work toward improving their product. But the only thing that bothers me is that other companies are starting to this by planning in advance of things to leave out that they can release at a slowed pace. By doing this, they try to make it look like they are working for us. But all the time they are working for themselves. But they usually make us pay for these upgrades or patches that are to improve something they left out. When a company does it for free, it makes it seem like they are trying to work for us and not for themselves only. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks for the help.

  • The Compare Blog Visitors tool is really interesting. When we employed this to some of our blogs, we were able to track the likes, dislikes and what interests our visitors. This is really a helpful tool for us.

  • thinlight says:

    I also made a small tool to ease the customization of the MyBlogLog widget:
    Preview of colors on real widget, and unrestricted colors to pick up.

  • It is really helpful to all SEO’s.

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