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Free Advice for Organizers of PubCon, SMX, and SES

I’ve been attending these conferences for several years now, just thought I would give some free advice to help the conference organizers of PubCon, SMX, and SES to get more registrations, and more people coming back every year.

What I learned from PubCon 2007

You can read all about the PubCon sessions, but you may not have enough time to go through each session. Plus, just by reading the recaps it’s tough to find the gems, the nuggets of knowledge, that were shared. So…I thought it would be helpful to share with you what stood out to me as […]

Best PubCon 2007 Swag

We had a great time at PubCon and I got several great gems and tips for SEO and SEO tools. Many of you conference goers know there is always lots of swag (freebies, promos, giveaways) given out at these shows, so it is good to have a backpack or bag. I thought it would be […]