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Content - it's what's for dinner (for search engines)

Tracking your Content

Whether you have 5 pages or 50,000 pages, you should be aware of how your content is faring. You might know the page rank of your domain, but what is the page rank of your landing pages? How many backlinks (deep links) do your landing pages have? SoloSEO helps you to keep track of these metrics, helping you know where to put your focus to make the most out of your content.

Optimizing your Content

Creating optimized content is a staple of search engine optimization (SEO). Our Content Creator tool walks you through each aspect of optimizing your content, such as writing a headline/title, deciding on a filename, and optimizing the meta description. You can then save your optimized pages and download them for putting them on your own server.

Don't let your content go unchecked, start using SoloSEO today!

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