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I’m sick of trackbacks to my blog from other sites that steal my content. Sure they “cite” me with a link, but it doesn’t count when you say “submitted by kaker” and then link to me, and it doesn’t count even if you link to me and say “read more”. If you’re just quoting me or commenting on a post, you are not stealing my content.

So, I thought I’d start keeping track of these content thieves, and I wanted to let you too!

content theft

Report Content Theft and View Domains That Steal Content

I’d love it if someone took this one step further on this and made a WordPress plugin. The plugin would:

1) Add to this list when you find a site that does this.
2) Block any comments/trackbacks from this site
3) Reports to some blacklist somewhere?

I’m not worried about getting out-competed by these slimeballs, but I don’t want someone monetizing on my hard work and tainting my name with their unethical practices.


  • The idea is interesting and it is similar to things that years ago on my site. However, there’s a lot of potential issues here including possible defamation issues (what if the plagiarist turns the tables on the original author using this?), instances where there was just a misunderstanding and potential problems with vigilantism.

    Sure, the vast, vast majority of scrapers are sucmbags that can be shamed safely, but if you post hundreds or thousands of them, eventually one or two exceptions will get through and you need to think about that.

    If you are interested in creating a plugin, send me an email. I have a few plugin authors that I know who might be interested.

    Great post and an interesting idea! I’m going to see about doing a write up on it.

  • Annonymous says:

    Im really sorry for the annonymous name, but after what had happened was really scary and annoying. Well, that site is basically to steal a person’s hotmail account and password. I told the guy that i would report him, and told him to stop, but he didn’t please do anything you can to stop this website from going on. thanks

  • kthor says:

    I had someone stole my contents from my East Bay Real Estate page to this , The guy took the page down but still cache by Google.

    I emailed him twice, first time he took it down from / but switch it to but luckily i had copyscape

  • hani says:

    hi i want to steal password of
    can you give me it

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