Don’t blog to live, blog to sell

Back on October 15, (I just read it today, I’m a bit behind in my reading) Andy Beal had a post about blogging and making a living as a blogger. I like Andy, I like his presentations, I like his business sense, and I just like the guy. He is one of the few that has made a decent living (I assume) as a blogger. But I have to tell you, as a small business owner, with a little knowledge on how to set up a business, the very thought of attempting to make a living as a blogger isn’t one I would try. Andy discusses how the price advertisers are willing to pay for an banner spot on popular blog is dropping, and then finishes his post by sharing 9 ideas on how he and others have generated revenue through their blogs. I have to be honest, of the 9, only two seem to have real direct revenue potential, and the other 7 would not generate enough to make much separately, but combined they might eventually contribute to some decent revenue, if the blog enjoyed tons of traffic.

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Ok, now I am more of traditional guy, I think most reading our blog are too. In fact, based on the types of companies/sites using our SEO Tools (yes we do go out and visit your sites to see what you are all up to), and I think we are all in a similar boat. Most of us sell stuff. We sell products, we sell services, we sell whatever anyone will buy. If there is a market, and we can find a product to sell in that market, we will set up a site and go for it. That is what I think is a true online business ultimately should be. These Adsense, content, blogging, and other type sites just don’t make much sense to me.

So personally, I would never suggest to anyone that they should get a blog site going to watch the money roll in from advertising dollars or whatever else. There are just too many other good products and services to sell online. As I see it, a blog should always be a supplementary tool to benefit your site, it isn’t a direct revenue stream, but instead it provides an outlet for an important aspect of SEO and supports your message.

For most, if not all our clients, we suggest creating a blog. It is an excellent way to get content up, communicate with clients, entice potential clients, deal with customer service issues, and discuss new products and services. What a great way to keep the conversation going, and for getting your site indexed on a regular basis. But let’s not get too fixated on it, concentrate your efforts on selling your stuff, and use the blog to assist in the sales efforts.

I hope there is no one out there who is considering setting up a blog only site for big profits, it doesn’t make sense. It’s like voting for Obama and expecting the world to be a better place November 5th. The likelihood is slim to none, and slim just left the building. Focus on what makes money, moving product, use your blog to assist you sell, then your blog will be all is should be.

Oh, just as a quick editor’s note, if Obama wins…. SoloSEO and the rest of our companies will be raising prices to compensate for the higher taxes we will face, and we will most likely be letting a few folks go (as will the rest of the small business world), sorry. I guess higher prices and higher unemployment do constitute “change”, so there is one politician not lying to us, which is nice.


  • Willy says:

    Brilliant editor’s note.

    You should make this a viral campaign.

    Something like (but not already registered obviously) and make it a blog. List comments from business owners who are going to raise prices and cut payroll in response to Obama’s tax plan. Not only would it help make a difference, but it would probably be an awesome linkbait.

  • Billy says:

    That’s good for you that your taxes are getting raised. Don’t we all wish we did be in the 250K bracket. If taxes are the only thing anyone cares about, you should consider taking your operations off-shore to the cayman islands.

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