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Need an SEO Boost?

Our DIY SEO Tools help you get started with SEO to start improving your rankings.


Don't miss 89% of clicks

If you're not doing SEO, you're missing out on ranking on the first page of search engines.

Rank higher. Spend less.

DIY SEO Tools that are easy to use and provide real SEO value.


Search Engine Jumpstart

Need to get indexed quickly and seen by all the major search engines? Our site submission gets you indexed quickly! Plus get access to our Keyword tools and Rankings for 3 Keywords.

Search Engine Jumpstart: $19/month


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Search Engine Pro

Our DIY SEO tools walk you through the process of doing SEO, from Keywords to Content to Links to Social Media. Manage up to 3 domains and track 100 Keywords per domain.

Search Engine Pro: $59/month


SEO Made Easy e-Book

New to SEO? We've got your back. This e-Book makes SEO easy to understand and practical to do.

"SEO Made Easy: Learn How to Do SEO Yourself"
Buy now for $39.99

SEO Made Easy - Michael D. Jensen, PhD & Aaron R. Stewart, MBA, PhD

Why Choose Us?

SoloSEO™ provides easy to use DIY SEO Tools for both beginners and advanced users. Our tools use only industry-accepted methods and don't burden you with old snake-oil methods.

  • 4 Step Approach
  • Identify Keywords
  • Optimize Content
  • Build Links
  • Social Strategy

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SoloSEO allows both the novice, and SEO expert alike, to manage a campaign from soup-to-nuts. It’s packed full of features...

Andy Beal
Marketing Pilgrim

If you’re looking for a solution to help you manage your SEO project all in one place with some nicely integrated tools SoloSEO™ is definitely worth looking at.

Michael Gray
Graywolf's SEO Blog