YouTube Video Optimization for SEO

YouTube presents video content in a social setting, giving you valuable marketing opportunities. Learning how to create and publish videos on YouTube requires a minimum level of expertise, but harnessing the power of videos requires SEO skills that differ from the skills necessary for traditional SEO. (more…)

Repurposing Content for Social Media

It’s no secret why social media marketing isn’t on anyone’s list of hobbies. You spend so much of your time thinking of and writing content for your blog to increase traffic that you don’t want to take on anything more. It’s understandable and most site owners and bloggers would immediately commiserate with you if you shared your content creating woes. With social media’s current impact on SEO, you don’t have a choice but to use social media marketing tactics when your goal is to rank high or even keep your rank on Google search results. When the number of fans that your social media profile has directly influences your search engine rankings, it’s not advisable to ignore the task.


How to Get Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses?

How can you get affordable SEO services for small businesses? As a small business owner, you must know that you need affordable SEO services. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can make a big difference in your business’ profitability. More and more people are searching for businesses online. Without optimizing your business’ keywords and content for your company website means you won’t be found when people who want your services are looking for you. (more…)

Repurposing Content Ideas for Better Mileage

Since content is still king when it comes to SEO and getting traffic, it is important to be able to get a lot of it quickly. Google loves content and you want to produce a lot of it. You do not need, however, to continuously think of and write new material all the time. Instead, you can save money and time by repurposing your existing content, and there are many ways to do it. (more…)

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Online Exposure For Your Small Business

Why do you need an online presence for your small business? Simply stated online exposure of your small business translates into website traffic, some of that traffic will become leads those leads become potential customers who purchase your products and/or services. Of course, none of that will happen if you merely have a website. You need to use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly known to get the most out of your company website. Solo SEO can help optimize your web presence so that you get seen by the search engines and, as a result, your online business will be viewed by more potential customers. (more…)

Best Keyword Optimization Tips for SEO Optimized Content

Content optimization

Keywords are a tricky thing. First, picking the right keywords is a challenge and process in and of itself. But then even after you have a list of keywords, it’s just a list and does you no good unless you build your SEO strategy on top of it. The first step to implementing SEO after selecting your focus keywords is optimizing the content on your site for those keywords. Let’s break it down to three easy steps. (more…)

Tips for Repurposing Your Older Content for Online Use

You’ve got some great copy that is in use for offline marketing. There’s also some content residing on one of your sites that you would like to use in some new and different way. What you are thinking about is known as repurposing content. In fact, this approach can go a long way toward helping you get more mileage out of the resources already in your possession. Here are some ideas on how to make use of your existing content in brand new ways. (more…)

SEO for Small Business Websites

The ecommerce world isn’t a small pond anymore: it’s an ocean. For a small business, that means competing against the big fish that are well established and want to devour the market. SEO can improve traffic and increase sales, but only if it’s used correctly. Most small business owners aren’t SEO experts, which doesn’t help matters. So how do you know the right moves to move up the search result ladders? You can take a big step in the right direction by trying these suggestions for SEO for small business websites. (more…)

How to Create an Effective SEO Plan for Your Small Business?

“If you build it, they will come” may be a relevant strategy for sports marketers and baseball enthusiasts, but in the competitive trenches of digital marketing it’s unlikely to drive more than a bare trickle of qualified traffic to your company’s website. A quality SEO, or search engine optimization, effort is absolutely critical to attracting prospective customers searching for information about the products or services that your business can provide. (more…)

SEO For Small Business Tips

It’s an exciting world in the business realm. Since the advent of the Internet, new and innovative outlets have hit the market to allow business owners to reach a larger customer base than ever before, and from the comfort of your home or office, you can now get your products and services to people on the other side of the globe instantly. Whether you are new to the world of online commerce or you’ve had a working website for quite some time, there are some SEO for small business tips you may not be utilizing that you should implement. (more…)