How to Correctly Implement Mobile SEO

With mobile internet browsing slowly overtaking desktop and laptop browsing, business owners and marketing experts alike are switching to mobile ideas that can revolutionize how search engine optimization works. Many of the successful eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and Apple have already begun to cater their strategies towards captivating a market of individuals that browse their products and services on a smart device as opposed to a desktop. In this article you will learn about mobile SEO and how to correctly implement it to expand your products, customer base, and services.


Google RankBrain: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Algorithm

Google recently released a new search algorithm known as the Google RankBrain, and many people are already asking questions about it. The main purpose of this algorithm is fairly simple, so there is no need to worry that it will cause any serious upheavals in anyone’s daily online routine. Here we will cover the basics of the Google RankBrain algorithm so you are informed and ready for what’s ahead.


Mobilegeddon and SEO – Why You Should Care

Mobilegeddon sounds pretty scary, right? But should you be scared? Absolutely! If your site is not up to speed on being mobile friendly, it’s time to kick that mobile website into gear. In March and April of 2015 alone there was a 4.7% increase in mobile friendly sites across the Internet, meaning a lot of people were following in step. If you haven’t already, you should consider following the crowd.


The Importance of Blogging for Increased Traffic

With all the changes in the Google algorithm over the years, one thing has remained consistent when Google determines the quality or relevance of a site, and that is content. If fact, some experts believe Google has effectively been able to reduce the gaming of rankings so much, that content has actually become more important than it ever had been in the past. So if you are a DIY site owner and attempting to improve your rankings using best SEO practices, you better be focusing on new content, that can be pretty intimidating. (more…)

Delivering Value from SEO for People as well as for Search Engines

SEOs come in all colors. The black hats game the system. The gray hats sort of game the system. The white hats play by the rules.

SEOs constantly assess the mood of Mother Google (as well as the lesser search engines, such as Yahoo!, Ask, etc). And, yes, it pays to pay attention to what the SEs like and loathe — what spiders find interesting and what they pooh-pooh. But don’t lose sight about what this whole game is about. Your SEO should deliver something of real value — that doesn’t yet exist on the webto a niche group of customers. That something could be a service, a product, or even just good information. But whatever you do, do it (ultimately) to benefit people in some way.  (more…)

The Power of Persistence in SEO: Seriously, it may be all you need

Doing SEO is hard. It’s long. It’s challenging. It’s technical. There is so much out there that you don’t know. Tap into any informed blog about the topic, and you will be hit with a firehouse of information. Whether you are building your first website, or your sixteenth, you can rest assured that you haven’t yet begun to “grok” the many myriad facets of the SEO biz. 

Okay. So, fine. Given all the obstacles you face — technical, psychological, physical, and financial — what can you do to move the ball down the field?

The answer is a single word: persistence. (more…)

Organization: Why your SEO plan may fall flat without it

The forces of order and chaos are always at war, as anyone who has read (or watched) Lord of the Rings or Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland sequel will tell you. On the one hand, SEOs must have structure — guidelines that keep you focused on your goals and principles. On the other hand, SEOs need some creative chaos.

The way to navigate nimbly between chaos and order …  that is organization.

Mastering organization pays massive dividends. But HOW should you organize your SEO?


Value of Short-Term SEO Goals

SEOs tend to get infatuated with the latest tricks and techniques published on the hottest blogs. And while it’s enjoyable (and often extremely useful) to check out what other people are doing and to reassess your own process and projects, too much of this “blue-skying” can lead you down the road to severe anxiety and perhaps even a panic attack.  (more…)

Defining your SEO Core Competency – and Sticking to It!

What is a “core competency”? 

Simply put, it is the kind of work that you do best. We all wear multiple hats at our jobs. If you’re a journalist, you’re not only a writer but you’re also a reporter, a networker, a self promoter, and in some senses a psychologist (especially to your interview subjects) all rolled into one job description. (more…)