The Paradox of Choice — How to Narrow your Options of SEO Techniques and SEO Strategies

As you research SEO techniques and strategies, it’s easy to blow a gasket. Hop from blog to blog on this stuff, and you will be inundated with facts, figures, promises, and warnings. Build content. Get inbound links. Submit to directories. Be on social networks. Twitter your brains out. So on and so forth. And that’s just the beginning. (more…)

Do’s and Don’ts of Outsourcing for SEO

Your SEO process is jammed. You want to speed things up, get things moving down the pipeline, and delegate the grunt-work that’s gobbling up your time. Outsourcing can obviously leverage your resources/budget — if you do it correctly, that is. (more…)

Tips for Making a Killer Blog Post

You used to make fun of bloggers, didn’t you?

Even up until a few years ago, the “blogosphere” was seen as the last refuge of the modern crackpot. The typical blogger, in your mind, was an ageing 30-something or 40-something year old man ranting about an obscure political cause while living in his parent’s basement. Or maybe your picture of the blogger archetype was of a 16 year-old know-it-all dweeb reporting on her latest (mundane) affairs at school. (more…)

7 Ways to Go Broke Doing SEO

So you want to go broke on the Internet? The good news: it’s easy. 

This article will provide a step-by-step way of burning through massive piles of cash on an ineffective SEO approach. (more…)

6 Steps to Effortless SEO

What’s the easiest way to make fast cash with search engine optimization (SEO)?

If we knew that, we would be too rich to lower ourselves to write blog posts like this. (more…)

Saying No to Unfair SEO Client Demands

As an entrepreneur and SEO professional, you crave credibility and good relationships. This is all well and good. To nourish any business relationship, you should go “the extra mile” – not just because it’s savvy business but also because it’s the right thing to do. (more…)

SEO: If you can’t do it at all, what do you do?

SEOs typically find themselves between Scylla and Charybdis. On one hand, you absolutely, desperately, 100% must leverage the power of the web for your business through some dynamic SEO strategy. On the other hand, you can’t possibly master all of the tactical nuances of things like Facebook marketing, twittering, website building, PPC advertising, and the like. (more…)

Short-term SEO – Tactical Shots to Generate Traffic Spikes

Enough with the schtick about persistence, dedication, strategy, and patience. You want a fast acting SEO solution and you want it bad. While battle proven SEOs tend to frown upon the shortsighted path, every once in a while it’s nice to break down and give in and do something crazy. Kind of like cheating on your diet with a nice thick slice of chocolate cake. (more…)

A Brilliant SEO Tip for Getting Links

Links. They are a key currency for any great SEO campaign. But how do you get them? Who do you get them from? How much time will it take you? And how do you maximize the investment of your resources so that you get the best, most SEO friendly links for the amount of time/money/energy you invest? (more…)

Great Read: How to Get an Influencer’s Attention

Every so often I read a blog post or article that really impresses me, and that happened this morning with Tamar Weinberg’s (@tamar on Twitter) post called How to Get an Influencer’s Attention over at Techipedia. She obviously put a lot of time into it, and received back a lot of noteworthy responses. Not only are the responses great, but it also gives us a great list of Influencer’s! A few of my favorites:

Seth Godin

I’m a huge Seth Godin fan, and his response doesn’t surprise me because it is in-line with the same message he gives to his audiences:

seth godin

PR people shouldn’t try to get my attention.

Readers with something to say should email me.

Marketers should make great products that loyal readers or long-time friends or trusted colleagues choose to tell me about!


Pete Cashmore

I completely agree with this one as well, don’t waste your time crafting a huge email, just get your point across quickly.

pete cashmore technorati

I think keeping it short and to the point is most likely to get a response — having a clear message or request that gets the idea across in a couple sentences. Everybody is short on time these days, and the more succinctly you can express yourself, the better.

There are a ton more responses, and a great summary at the end from Tamar. Read the rest at Techipedia!